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Harlock - Drawing practice by Selenia-san Harlock - Drawing practice :iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 2 0 Carillon by Selenia-san Carillon :iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 3 2 Ours by Selenia-san Ours :iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 5 0
SPN goes Claymore: [Vol. 01]Ch. 03
Ch. 03 - Lost Warrior - Part 01
By that point, the warriors were all absorbed by the reading. Claire tilted her head, stopping for a moment her reading. “Apparently the north has been shelter for many warriors.”
Denev stated: “Well, let’s count that the Organization didn’t try to defy Easley of the North up until our so-called mission in Pieta.” Claire nodded slowly. Miria tilted her head, then smiled. “I wish to know more of this story. It was a common thing sending warriors to hunt Awakened Beings, but this. I have a feeling they were sent to execute a warrior, but in that case the Organization would have told them anyway.”
"We never fully understood the Organization’s ways. Maybe this could be also helpful from that point of view." Galatea stated. At Miria’s sign Claire kept reading.
Castiel wakes up immediately, as soon as h
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 0 0
SPN goes Claymore:[Vol. 1]Ch. 02
Ch. 02 - The Silver Eyed King - part 2
- I thought that non-warrior training was a new thing for the Organization.
Helen had stopped Claire and her tone showed doubt. In fact, they had seen only Raftela - that Number Ten of the current generation - who was given a non-warrior training. Cynthia smiled lightly, then said:
- Well, if this Number One is still alive, he might give some tips to Raftela.
- I don't want to break your optimism, but we still don't know whether this Castiel is alive. For all we know he might have awakened.
Denev had talked in a doubtful tone. Claire looked at the diary, then replied:
- We won't know, unless we go on reading.
Denev nodded, then let Claire keep reading.
The warriors have reached Pieta - they've been travelling for at least five days, counting all the stops they've made. The people look at them with fright, as if they were wild animals ready to attack. Dean snickers, muttering something about "the usual treatment", while Sa
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 3 7
SPN goes Claymore:[Vol. 1]Ch. 01
Ch. 01 - The Silver Eyed King - part 1
Claire stopped reading and looked towards Miria. Everyone seemed to wait for an explanation. Galatea had closed her eyes and now she was opening them.
- I am really surprised, it's maybe the first time I hear something from a so far generation - apart from the Abyssal Ones, of course.
Miria, after a long pause, said:
- I read those names in the archives, when I was investigating. They said they died. The thing is, we are reading something from former Number One, Two and Three. It is not so easy to take down warriors with those numbers and from the point of view of the Organization it must have been quite an effort tracking them down.
Denev nodded.
- Are you saying they might be alive somewhere? We never heard of them.
Denev replied. Miria, at that point, sighed.
- I don't really know this myself. The only way is keeping reading the diary. Maybe it was meant as a sign for the future warriors.
Then she made a vague gesture and Claire started
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 4 9
SPN goes Claymore:[Vol. 1]Ch. 00 - Prologue
Ch. 00 - At the Beginning
Rabona was now an empty city, if not for the soldiers and the warriors who had remained to protect it. When Miria finally entered the building they were waiting while the awakened being approached the city, she was greeted with a laughter coming from Helen. She scowled a bit, but she went by Denev, who was holding an old necklace and what seemed to be a worn out book. Miria looked at the objects with a questioning look.
«Where did you find them?»
It was Galatea who answered.
«Tabasa found them not so far from this city. She peeked inside the book.»
THe former Number Six turned towards Tabasa, waiting for her to tell what she had seen. This latter just nodded, then said:
«It looks like a diary of some old warriors. I saw their names; apparently they were male warriors called Sam, Dean, Balthazar and Castiel.»
«Is there anything of interest for us?»
«We don't know yet, that's why we were waiting for you!»
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 1 7
SPN Fantasy AU: Nightwish
Oh, setting Sun,
Thy red rays maketh me cry.
They remind me of the one
Whose love awaits me in the sky.
Sam is standing by her grave, a bouquet of red lilies in his hands. Dean's gone "to provide food", he muttered, so he' got plenty of time to bring back memories of their time together.
Sam had never taken swordsmanship seriously. He hadn't been too interested in the whole "let's hunt strange creatures" thing, not as much as his dad John would have loved him to be, thus he never fully understood all Dean's hype when he was taught archery; he just wanted to live a normal life, that was why he fled, leaving his dad and his brother, to go to the Royal Academy of Oestara and learn Law – to become a counselor at the Court eventually.
It was one of the very few days Sam had some free time, so he was just wandering around the city: ever since he arrived, he hadn't had much the chance to see it,
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 3 0
SPN goes Claymore: The Black Card part 2
The Black Card - Part 2
Sam has finally reached to the mountain he should meet with Gordon. Dean had asked whether he could go with his brother to backup him, but Ermita had stopped him with a cold look and a couple of threats.
Sam just doesn't really know how to behave, as he closes his eyes and tries to sense Gordon's youki. He is quite nervous - most of the tension is built up by knowing he's on the now awakened warrior's death list - thus he can't keep his concentration. At a certain point, however, he feels a presence behind him and raises his guard. Thus, when Gordon strikes a hit towards him, he's ready to jump on the nearest rock at his side.
Behind him there is a huge shape holding a sword. What once was Number Eleven Gordon is now a monstruous being: he's got a pair of blade-shaped wings and he stands on a pair of clawed crow-like feets. Sam tries to call him out:
- Gordon? Is it you?
The awakened being laughs at him and attacks again.
- Of course it's me, Sam! Who do
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 2 5
SPN goes Claymore: The Black Card
The black card
When Sam receives Gordon's Black Card from Ermita, he's not really surprised as Dean is.
Sam is always been very careful around him - Gordon is the kind of resentful warrior, who would love to see every single existing Youma completely erased from Earth. Let's look at the guy in question, Sam thinks: he is a very good warrior - not for nothing he reached to Number Eleven from Number Thirty-seven in record time - but he has got that bloodthirstiness that makes him no more different than the Youma he slays, in the end.
Sam would feel more sympathy for Gordon, but since it looks like he is on this latter's death list too, he can't help it. And that Black Card can only mean one thing, that is Gordon has awakened. Maybe it was like pretty much everyone who awakens, he wanted more power, trepassed his limit and awakened. He glances at Dean.
- What should I do?
His brother just shrugged his shoulders and replied:
- I hate to tell you this, but he's awakened, so there's n
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 4 9
SPN goes Claymore: Number One
Number One
The warrior swings his claymore and directs a blow towards the last Youma, then tilts his head to look for the other one. All around there are many corpses of those demons and Sam is just about some feet from him.
- Whaddaya think, Sammy?
This is Dean, Number Two of the Organization. The one he is talking to is his brother Sam, currently Number Three, who retorts:
- About what?
Sam puts back his sword into its sheath and throws at Dean a perplexed look. They have just obliterated a pack of Youma that were living in a village in the South, but they look like they have just run around for some minutes. Dean grins at his brother and replies:
- I'd love to see Number One doing this.
Sam looks at him - Bitchface number eighty-four of his wide list - and makes a vague gesture.
- We've never seen Number One.
- That's why I said I'd love to see Number One in action! Those sons of a bich of the Organization are keeping too many secrets!
- Like we could do something.
They look
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 5 12
SPN Fantasy AU: Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come
Sam and Dean always wondered about how skilled Bobby was as a healer, knowing he was a former Healing Master at the Imperial Court of the Kingdom of the East. He didn't like speaking too much of what he was before he established his modest house in that little village in the Kingdom of the North.
Bobby never spoke of this and the boys never asked.
It was one day, the boys were at Bobby's place, they noticed that by the chimney there was a painting, half covered with bottles of medications and jars full of medical herbs. It portrayed Bobby - a younger Bobby - with a beautiful woman. On the bottom, at the right, there was the Imperial heraldic of the Kingdom of the East.
- Who do you think she is?
Sam looked perplexed.
- Dunno. Maybe some old flame of Bobby, who knows?
- Mostly, look at the
A gruff voice came from their back.
- She was my wife, Karen.
Some mutters made Sam and Dean understand he would not say anymore.
When Dean and Sam had finally gone, Bobby looked a
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 2 0
SPN Fantasy AU: Meet the Trickster
Meet the Trickster
They have been told that there is a Trickster in town, but no one of the inhabitants seems to have a clue. This makes Dean really nervous, as he continuously tucks at his bow. Sam is quite nervous as well. He is frantically looking around to find traces, or whatever gives a sign of the Trickster's passage.
It is quite sudden the move they both make when they feel something is changing. Before them, instead of the blacksmith's shop, there is a huge house entirely made of sweets.
- What the hell?!
Dean turns his head to a puzzled Sam, who manages to stutter an answer.
- I don't know!
They hesitate for some minutes, before finally crossing the door. Inside there's a room, with another door. Walls change like glass in a kaleidoscope and there is a table with two dice. Behind the table there is a man with a smirk. The man claps his hands and says:
- Hey, kiddos. Did you like my little joke?
Sam unsheathes his sword, while Dean takes out an arrow and nocks it on his
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 1 0
SPN Fantasy AU: First Time
First time
The very first time Dean actually feels something very close to awe it is when he meets Castiel.
As a hunter, and archer, who has seen everything, from dragons to sylphs, he tends to not be so surprised when it comes to things who have to do with the supernatural.
Everything is ready; Sam is outside of the cave, carving symbols around the stone walls with Bobby, while he's on the inside. He's waiting for something to happen, while he nocks the arrow to the bowstring. It's been quite some time since he's been so tense. Thing is, he has to clear up some questions that have been bugging him from the moment someone dragged him out of that Hell he had been forced into by his quite risky pact he made, when his brother was killed. And, to add oil to the fire, maybe that someone is linked to some mysterious events that are happening - like already slaughtered ogres, or the presence of magic formulas he never heard of carved into stones.
That's why there's this whole apparatus
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 4 3
On the road
On the Road
Dean almost regrets the day Sam taught Castiel how to make photos with a cell phone. Ever since, the angel has been making photos of pretty much everything and everyone. In that moment he can't stand anymore the clicking sound of the cell phone camera.
- Sam, make him stop, I'm driving and…
Words die in his mouth, as he notices that Sam - currently in the backseat, he's doing research work on a case - is actually giving Castiel more tips on how to make good photos. The latter is quite intrigued, while he snapshots views from the frontseat of the Impala.
The hunter sighs, he should have known this would come. He curses a bit, giving a stern look at his right, where Castiel is looking perplexed.
- I do not understand. The picture is blurred.
The tone in his voice shows disappointment. Sam tries to cheer him up, shrugging.
- You'll do better next time, and after all you can't do much; we're in a car.
The angel keeps looking at the picture with a doubtful expression
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 7 3
SPN: [DeanCas]Sleeping Draught
Sleeping Draught
Dean sighed for the umpteenth time, glancing at Castiel, who was sleeping on the couch at Bobby's house – such a unique sight.
- Well, doesn't Cas look like an angel?
The tone of Dean's voice was sarcastic. Sam answered him, letting out a light sigh of resignation.
- Problem is, angels don't sleep. They don't even eat
- They drink. At least, Cas drinks.That's why the fucking witch gave him…
The hunter glanced at a bottle that was laying on the floor by the couch. He got up from the chair he was sitting on and took the bottle into his hands.
- Beer, Sam, beer! A potion in a bottle of beer! How do we deal with this?
Dean gazed at a sleeping Castiel, his expression was a very perplexed one. In the meanwhile Sam looked for information; as he found out about that potion, he frowned his brows and tilted his head.
- Dean…
- What? How do we deal with this?
Sam was not sure about answering that question, both because he knew Dean would just fr
:iconselenia-san:Selenia-san 4 4

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Please, this is quite important and I really need advice.

Take a look at the link, then read, please.…

This is me being more or less skilled in making jewels. This bracelet I made is actually a gift for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow.

Now onto the real matter: I want to help a bit my dad, since I can't live on him forever.
I thought I'd make some money to avoid getting money from him, knowing he is gradually losing his job. I am still a college student, and even if I'm currently looking for a job myself, no one of the places I sent my curriculum vitae has called me yet.
So I might get to use my skill of making jewels and open an online store on websites like Etsy, sell my handmade jewels and see where it takes me, while I finish my studies and look for an actual job.
I think this would help a bit my family.

Problem is, I don't even know where to start. Would anyone of you lovely people give me tips and/or advice?

Here's a list of questions:

1. Do you need a PayPal for this, or there are ways of payment that don't involve PayPal or similar things?
2. Which way of payment would you recommend me?
3. What are the online webstores you would recommend me (Etsy, Storenvy, others)?
4. Do I have to pay fees for an online shop on any of said webstores?
5. If yes, what are the fees and how much do they cost?

The side question is: would anyone be interested in actually buying jewels made by me?

For the moment I can't think of other questions… ._.

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